St Mary’s Talent Show – Roving Reporters Olivia and Rebecca

March 24th, 2013 by Angela Richardson

The show opens with Hannah playing the piano. She played with confidence and enthusiasm. Great performance.
The Karate Kings – They performed in sync and kept their audience on the edge of their seats.
The Randomers Dance Troupe – The group made us all laugh and were extremely enthusiastic! We all enjoyed it!
James and his drums – After a few technical difficulties, James played really well!
the Comedy Duo – The room was in hysterics. A very funny performance, well done!
Football FC – They started off with some great passes and dribbles. it was chaotic, nevertheless, it was great to watch!
The Dance King – A very talented dancer, great performance Edward! Everyone was cheering very loudly.
pianist sam – Sam played brilliantly and his talent looked effortless. well done!
Violin and Voice – Although Monique was missing, megan played excellently without a single mistake. Multi talented Megan sang gracefully as if she were the only one in the room!
Gyrating Gymnasts – A very good performance from two girls with lots of talent.
Special Sums – Two very smart boys! Great talent, it must have taken a very long time to learn this!
Pianist John S – WoW! He played with confidence without getting a single note wrong, a very talented pianist!
All in One – Really great gymnasts. Well done!
Jasmine’s Voice – Really fantastic performance! I’m sure Mrs Massingham liked the song choice.
Niamh – A great violinist! She played with super confidence and every note correct!
The Amazing Acrobats – Very flexible girls! You entertained the whole room and had us on our feet.
Hula Hoop and piano – Two very talented children and both so different talents. Well done!
Finale Dance Troupe – A great end to our show girls! All of you have some real talent.
Reception class were last but certainly not least. fantastic performance, well done!
Not forgetting the presenters Aiden, Hannah and Emily who were very funny too! What a great afternoon!

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St Mary’s Talent Show – Roving Reporter Jade

March 24th, 2013 by Angela Richardson

Here we are at St Mary’s Talent Show. The tension is rising to see our first act…
The presenter, Aiden, enters to much applause and cheers. Aiden then announces our first act, Hannah from Year 6 playing the piano. WOW! What a way to kick off the show! Next the Great Karate Kings from Year 4, what good talent!
It’s the Randomers from Year 5- so funny, got the whole audience in giggles! Next up James and his drums. well done James, brilliant performance.
“Wow, this is a great show” said Alex from Year 5.
Then, the amazing duo from Year 3; Jack C and Finley with jokes that made us all smile!I spoke to the crowd around me. “This is great” said Robyn.
“It’s so funny” said Sam.
Then Football FC showed us their super football skills. Applauded in by many comes Dance King Edward from Year 4 doing Gangnam Style!
“This is the best yet!”, said Alex.
Again, applauded in by so many, Same from Year 5 on the piano, well done. Sam was soon followed by Violin Voice which was excellent!
Everybody so far has been great. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone who hasn’t been loved by everyone in the hall!
Well done to Megan in Y6 for rehearsing a duo and then having to sing it alone.
Next we have amazing gymnasts from year 1 followed by Piotr and Luke from Year 2 with their great maths skills.
Playing another great tune on the piano was John S followed by the All-In-One Dancers form Year 6 – love the onsies girls!
Next, Jasmine singing one of our best loved hymns, well done. Then playing a nice peaceful piece on the violin, Niamh from Year 5.
After Niamh, Year 1 girls came on again, better known as The Amazing Acrobats!
A bit of a mix up next, piano and hula hoop!
Next up the girls from Year 3 dancing to Starships and then last but not least Reception with a truly amazing finale!
That’s sadly the end my friends. Thank you to all the teachers, acts and people who were our presenters; Aiden, Hannah and Emily. Thank you to all the people who auditioned and THANK YOU for letting us all dance Gangnam Style! That made all our days!

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Art Showcase

March 24th, 2013 by Angela Richardson

“Fantastic”, “Great”, “Super design”, “Wow”, “Wonderful colours”, “Brilliant collage”! These were just a few of the comments made by our children as they walked round our second Art Exhibition of the year. This time we decided that we would all visit each others classrooms to look at the creative work we had been doing since Christmas.

The work had been put up and displayed in each class for all to see and for some of our Key Stage 1 and Foundation children, it was the first time they had visited the “big,grown up” classrooms of Key Stage 2. How exciting! For Key Stage 2 children, they were going back to their Infant classes (we had to drag some of them away!)

Walking round we saw a variety of collage, weaving, textile, clay models, sewing, painting and drawing as well as fantastic designs and models including musical instruments, ski hats, vehicles, pirate rafts, houses, space crafts and green machines since this time we had decided to include DT work into our exhibition.

We had a wonderfully interesting, enjoyable and enlightening time looking at all our creations and cannot wait for our third exhibition in the Summer term.

Art Exhibition – March 2013 on PhotoPeach


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Year 4

March 19th, 2013 by stmarysyear4

Eureka 2013 on PhotoPeach

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Year 4’s Visit to Eureka Friday 15th March 2013

March 18th, 2013 by stmarysyear4

Eureka 2013 on PhotoPeach

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Year 6 Research – Famous Mountaineers

January 21st, 2013 by Angela Richardson



Year 6, as we will miss our ICT lesson this afternoon, Mrs Crouch and I thought it would be good if you could do some research at home. Your mission is to research a famous mountaineer so that next week we can type them up for a display in class. Below there is a list of mountaineers that you can choose from, or you can pick one of your own.
We would like a biographical account of their life including their early life,family,greatest achievements and significant events.
You can add your research as a comment in the same way that you did for the Chill Factore. (Putting it on the blog, means that next week you will be able to just copy and paste your work over and the job is done)!
Here is a list of mountaineers to help you choose.
Tenzing Norgay
Sir Edmund Hillary
Arlene Blum
Sir Chriss Bonnington
Scott Fischer
Bear Grylls
Alison hargreaves
Andrew Irvine
Jean-Christophe Lafaille
George Mallory
Alain Robert
Joe Simpson.

We look forward to reading your interesting facts! Please remember to put your research IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

Mrs Crouch
Mrs Richardson

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Year 6 Visit to the Chill Factore

January 16th, 2013 by Angela Richardson

Year 6, put your name in the comment box below and write a good recount of your experience at the Chill factore yesterday.

skiing 007

skiing 006

skiing 005

skiing 004

skiing 003

skiing 002

skiing 001

skiing 008

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BBC Radio Manchester in School

December 10th, 2012 by Angela Richardson

Today we had BBC Radio Manchester in schoolas part of a drive to encourage more volunteer readers in schools.The impact that volunteer readers has on our children is massive. They improve their confidence, social skills and it gives them opportunities to read different book and play games as well as read play scripts together, acting out stories and just enjoying quality one to one time.
have a listen to the recording of the radio show below.

Radio Manchester Broadcast



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Christmas Fair

December 10th, 2012 by Angela Richardson

We held our annual Christmas Fair on 30th November after school and raised a staggering £1,300. Many thanks to all parents, families and friends who attended to make it yet another successful evening. Thank you also to the PSA for the wonderful job they do in raising funds for the school and helping to organise such great events.


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Roman Mosaics

December 7th, 2012 by stmarysyear3

In Year 3 we have been learning about the Romans. We have made mosaic candle holders.

Jude: We used Roman colours. These were the type of rock colours that the Romans used in their mosaics.

Meghan: We coloured square paper first to design the colours on the glass.

Karol and Jessica P also designed a mosaic floor for our Roman village courtyard.

Jessica P: we designed a mosaic with coloured pencils on squared paper first. We used green, red, yellow and blue colours. We did a line down the middle. we did a side each and made it symmetrical. we did a flower pattern. I really enjoyed it!

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